Kids Bedding - Need A Theme?

Decorating with a "theme" in mind really helps give you a starting point. Read these suggestions and get your creative juices flowing!

Sugar and Spice

Every little girl I know loves pretty colors! For a room she'll cherish, select fabrics with flowers, trellises, cute animals, or butterflies. You might stencil flowers, vines, and butterflies on walls as a colorful accent, using paint colors matched to your fabric or wallpaper choices. Don't forget soft, airy curtains for the windows and be sure to check out our little girl bedding and baby girl bedding for the latest designs.


If you live near the beach, or just wish you did, create an ocean theme using watery blues for the wall, sand colors on the floor, and clouds in the sky (ceiling). Take color cues from a beachy border wallpaper, art print, or piece of furniture like this colorful stool. You 'll almost be able to hear the waves! If a beachy theme is your style, try these boys and girls bed sets:
Beach Side Designer Nursery Bedding
Tropical Surfer Boys Bedding
Surfer Boy Crib Bedding Set
Surfs Up Baby Nursery Bedding Set


Starlight is a great theme, and you'll find many fabrics, wallpapers, and bedding with star patterns. This theme appeals to both boys and girls, and is available in many colors both bright and pastel. Wonderful theme pieces can be the "star" in a room. You might get star-shaped rubber stamps (or sponges) and dip into wall paint to create your own starborder, decorate furniture, or make random stars all over the walls or ceiling. A star quilt or rug will complete the theme.


Create a wonderful, soft look with by the light of the moon. The ceiling might be midnight blue, with painted moon and stars, or use some of the stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars. Embellish a colorful painted bookshelf with crisp white stars, or liven up a plain white chest with a rainbow of star shapes. Find a moon and star quilt or fabric to use for window treatments. Then add a moon cutout headboard.

Butterflies, Bees, and Dragonflies

Anyone who has purchased gifts for girls in the last few years knows that butterflies are big! If your little one loves this look, there are many ways to incorporate it into a room. A mural of garden and butterflies is a natural, or go with a butterfly fabric for the comforter. Small painted designs can be added to chair backs, picture frames, headboards, and flit around a colorful chest of drawers as well. Use butterfly hair clips to perch on a lampshade, bulletin board, or along one edge of a curtain.

Princesses and Castles

Your Princess can have a room befitting her high status if you use sheer fabrics and fanciful details. Embellish the walls with faux painted castle walls, murals, and blue skies for a truly memorable girl's room. Contrast the weighty look of faux stone walls with trails of stenciled ivy or flowers and swaths of pretty netting used as a bed canopy. Try our princess bedding for the perfect compliment to her royal room.

Tea Party

Pretty hats can adorn a room with a tea party theme. She can arrange her toy pals in chairs around a tea table and play till supper time. Be sure to include a pretty tea set and other tea themed accessories throughout the room. Cheerio! Our Tea Party Bedding would make the perfect backdrop for her Tea for Two room!


The toile look has made a huge comeback in recent years and can help create a more sophisticated look for an older girl. Find this timeless design in fabrics and wallpapers, in colors that range from blue, red, green, black, and beige patterns on a white background, to newer iterations that incorporate multi-colors such as yellow and blue on white or ivory.

French Rooms

Black and white checks, vintage-look accessories, and any type of French poster or decoration can be just right for a fabulous Parisian bedroom. Learn more about creating a French room here.

Shabby Elegant

Tea-stained florals, comfortable slipcovered chairs, vintage accessories, and painted white furniture is the look that's all the rage. Explore the elements of a shabby elegant room here.

By now your decorating enthusiasm should up and running! You'll find more great ideas everywhere you look. Remember to include your child in this process of choosing a theme. Children have wonderful, innovative ideas, and seeing their wishes take shape in a wonderful room, created just for them, will give them confidence and a memory they will never forget.