Moses Baskets

Moses baby baskets are a wonderful way to keep your new baby close. While you’re doing everyday tasks, you can put your little one in a baby Moses basket and keep a watchful eye on him or her. Your newborn will quickly find that a Moses baby basket is one of their favorite spots, whether they’re sleeping soundly or they’re wide-awake.

The traditional Moses basket for babies has come a long way. You can be sure your newborn will be comfortable in the plush, comfy fabrics of modern baby Moses baskets. We offer elegant and stylish Moses baskets for baby boys and baby girls. At Sweet Peaches Bedding, we also offer beautiful organic Moses basket options.

The Story of the Moses Baby  Basket

The biblical story of Moses says that in a time of trouble Moses’ mother made a basket that would serve as a boat for her baby. Moses’ mother placed her baby safely inside and carried the basket to the river’s edge and set it afloat. Moses floated gently down the river in his tiny basket boat. Moses' sister, Miriam, watched the basket carefully through the river reeds. God was guiding Moses’ little basket, and He delivered Moses safely into the arms of the Egyptian Princess downstream.

The modern day baby Moses basket still embodies this story of a mother’s true love. Although our Moses baskets do not float, they are sure to help your baby drift to sleep as if they are being rocked by gentle waves. Each Moses basket comes with a bumper, mattress and matching quilt. The baby Moses basket bedding is washable and excellently crafted to last from one baby to the next.

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