All About Baby Crib Bedding


Everything you ever wanted to know about baby crib bedding... There are many baby crib bedding manufacturers but only a few well established manufacturers of baby crib bedding offer that of a durable quality product. For safety and style, it is important to select from a reputable vendor and brand. Be careful of ‘seconds’ sold as ‘first’. There are many boutique baby crib bedding brands that are good, too. Brands of baby crib bedding, range in quality and workmanship so do your research. Consider stitching, washer and dryer care and thread counts. A designer silk baby crib bedding set may be beautiful but not very realistic. Baby crib bedding is as much about life-style as it is about style. There is a perfect baby crib bedding set out there just for you.

Baby crib bedding introduces your baby to a new world of colors, patterns and textures. It is important to make a good choice. When looking for something custom and original consider an entire crib set that lends itself to several looks. Brighten the set with whites in the summer and then add a richly colored baby blanket that compliments your core baby crib bedding set. By mixing and matching accessories you can keep the nursery interesting for both you and baby.

Baby crib bedding ranges in price from $75.00 to $400.00 for the four-piece set. Normally a 4 piece set consists of the bumper pad, quilt, dust ruffle and crib sheet. Invest in a few of the matching accent pieces such as a lamp or pillow as they can be used to visually tie your baby crib bedding set to a night stand or rocking chair.